6 comments on “#65 A Haiku by Steven Smolak, September 6th, 2017

  1. I loved this moment. The poem I was reading could only be distracted by a thing of beauty, just as when I encountered the woman I love– the long comma of her charms and beauty. There wasn’t a single thing wrong with us in that moment; it was eternity…
    I want to tell her that time is a figment of our imaginations, that it is only gravity. I want to examine the one thing worth examining together, and hold onto the only thing that is real…
    a break in the rain . . .
    knowing we’ll never reach it
    we run for the rainbow

    1. Dear Steve, thank you for your lovely words. She is lucky!
      I see what you want to convey with the final ‘break in the rain’… But personally I think I would rather connect to my everyday-rainbow instead of thinking it is just an illusion to pursuit in some not well known future …. Thank you again for submitting and I hope you will again…!

      1. Dearest One of all that is dear,
        I read our comments again, and feel to remind you that the “rainbow” is the illusion that there is anything more, or even better than the salty tear that falls from your precious cheek in a subway train, and some older gentleman looks upon you with a smile… A haiku of my good friend Justin’s
        where things exist
        there is some sorrow —

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