4 comments on “incense dreams, issue 1.3, december 2017

  1. The commentaries on the topics are a great addition to the journals. Only a poem can go into the indescribable, but, the indescribable is exactly where our attention, and then, our discussions should go. The silloge are a great addition, giving us the spoken words of the poem in rhythm with music and visual experiences… Great job Lucia…! Keep up the great creativity, and inspiration.

  2. Congrats, dear Lucia, for the new issue of this fantastic web journal: another great work of yours!
    You are feeding your wonderful project with passion, time, competence: all the haijin community would have to thank you for this.
    I deeply appreciated all the poems you also wrote for this issue and I thank you so much for the publication of some haiku and photos of mine.
    Happy to have found such interesting poems, pics and articles by you and many of my friends (haijin and photographers).

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