2 comments on “incense dreams, a journal of haiku and senryū, issue 1, may 2017, pdf and mother’s anthology video by lucia fontana

  1. Overjoyed and grateful to Lucia Fontana for publishing on the first issue of this fantastic journal some of my poems, next to those of so many good authors.
    I really appreciated the setting of this work: from the initial anthology about the Mother’s Voice to the matching of the various poems, everything is functional to look into “the mother’s figure” according to different points of view. Both the introductory remarks of Lucia and the comment by Steve Smolak are precious, without forgetting the gorgeous paintings of Patricia Davis and the other photos that further enrich these pages.
    Such an achievement does not arise by chance, but needs time, skills, sensitivity and an inexhaustible passion. So, not only compliments but also a lot of thanks to Lucia for this new, beautiful surprise: this journal gives even greater shine and substance to Cha No Keburi, a site increasingly characterized by an appreciable international breath…

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